Miss Carter Spanks:- Emma

Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Miss Carter Spanks:- Emma

It was Emma’s first week in her new school and she was about to be introduced to a new lesbian spanking disciplinary regime. At her old school the worst that could happen for coming in late was a detention and that was only for repeat offenders. Now she found herself in the punishment room facing Miss Carter, whose views on tardiness were somewhat more rigid. The new girl was about to explain herself when Miss Carter decided that she wasn’t even interested in hearing excuses and would just get straight down to business. The business of teaching Emma that being late for school would not be tolerated, that is. So before she knew what was happening, Emma found herself face down over the attractive young teachers knee with her tight white knickers on full display as the hem of her gymskirt was tucked up into the waistband. It soon got worse when Miss Carter’s hand started to make her bottom sting. Emma thought her ordeal was over when she was ordered to stand but then faced the shame of having to pull her regulation panties down and go back over Miss Carter’s lap to be chastised “properly”. Her bottom was already a healthy colour, but by the time Miss Carter decided that Emma had learned her lesson the snivelling schoolgirl’s cheeks were red raw and almost too sore to touch. Emma promised that she would be on time in future and shuffled back to class blinking back the tears. Ay least her new school had taught her one thing – what a a darned good otk spanking feels like!

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