Miss Carter Spanks: – Jenny & Alice F/F Spanking

Friday, April 27, 2012



Miss Carter Spanks:- Jenny & Alice

Jenny and Alice had been caught out of bounds without permission. To make matters worse they had been seen hanging out with boys from the school down the road, so they were sent to the punishment room. Unfortunately for the girls, it was Miss carter’s turn for punishment duty that day so they knew they’d be in for a real hiding. Sure enough, Alice was sent to stand in the corner, hands on head, whilst Jenny was put across the attractive young teacher’s knee. After getting the naughty schoolgirl’s attention Miss Carter decided to continue the punishment on the bare bottom and made Jenny take her regulation white knickers down. When Miss Carter was satisfied with Jenny’s crying she ordered the girls to swap places. So whilst Jenny stood in the corner with her red raw bottom on display a very nervous Alice bent over Miss Carters knee. The blonde schoolgirl was soon sobbing and wanting the punishment to stop but there was no chance of that happening until Miss Carter had satisfied herself that the lesson was learned. After a further tanning on the bare bottom, Miss Carter ordered both girls to stand in the corner, hands on head with their wellspanked bottoms on display. Jenny & Alice were eventually allowed to struggle back into their tight white panties and were ordered back to class, hoping that Miss Carter would not send a note home to their fathers.

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