Miss Carter Spanks: – Jenny & Katie F/F Spanking

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Miss Carter Spanks:- Jenny & Katie

This lesbian spanking video about Jenny had taken the previous day off school but had failed to bring a sick note. The silly girl knew she was pushing her luck when Miss Carter asked if her mum would verify that she really had been ill. Miss Carter was not going to put up with such childishness and decided that punishment was more than justified. So she pulled the naughty schoolgirl over her knee for a good spanking. First she warmed the seat of Jenny’s white knickers before pulling them down to finish the job on the bare bottom. Jenny was then sent to stand in the corner with her freshly otk spanking on display whilst Miss Carter dealt with the next miscreant. Katie had been sent for punishment for talking in class and became extremely nervous when she saw Jenny standing in the corner sobbing. Miss Carter was outraged when she discovered Katie’s trivial reason for disrupting lessons and decided that she would get the same punishment as Jenny. Miss Carter administered a good spankng on Katie’s white panties then ordered the girl to take them down for the serious part of the punishment. When Katie’s sobbing satisfied Miss Carter that the girl had learned her lesson she was sent to join Jenny in the corner. The girls thought the attractive young teacher had left the room so were comparing the redness of their bottoms and calling her some very rude names. Unfortunately, Miss Carter overheard them and decided that more punishment was required. So the spanking girls were put back over her knee for an extra spanking then sent back to the corner. They were then given the choice of having a note sent home to their Daddies or taking a slippering. Needless to say neither girl fancied going across the parental lap so chose the slipper instead. Jenny and Katie had to bend over Miss Carter’s desk for 6 stingers

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