Nothing But Trouble

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Nothing But Trouble

The class of 94′s Headmaster is brought to depths of despair by two schoolgirls on a nature ramble. He only loses sight of them for a few minutes, and they get up to their naughty shenanigans. At first he refuses to sully his hands and orders the girls to spank each other in the way he had previously taught them. There are some delightful scenes of these lovely girls’ bottoms being spanked in their navy blue knickers made all the more interesting in a woodland setting. On their return to his study they are brought to rights by some firm spanking that only the head knows how to administer. This is soon followed up by some poetic strokes from his pair of well used tawses. After further lecturing it is time for a well deserved caning, this soon brings tears to their eyes. P.S. The title is a misnomer
it more realistically should be Nothing BUTT Trouble.


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  1. westpier Says:

    would love to see this re-uploaded, many thanks!

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