Punishment At The Dance Academy

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Punishment At The Dance Academy

The principal of a well known dancing academy has a day in every week when he calls to his office any dancing girls who are not coming up to the grads. On this particular day, two of the attractive girls are on his list. He sees one at a time and gives them both a severe telling off. Accusing them of being more interested in nightclubbing and other distractions. Their poor excuses for shoddy dancing angers him even more, he can see for himself tat their dancing has gootn worse if anything. There is only one thing for it. The girls beautiful bodies are placed across his knee and their leotards pulled down their legs for a good spanking. The girls obviously don’t mind this, as they are still cheeky. So further punishment are administered with his tawses, followed up with a good caning for each of the girls on their bare bottoms.


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