Really! Mrs. Walker And Last Chance

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Really! Mrs. Walker And Last Chance

Released: 1996

The TV repairman is quite shocked when a very snooty Mrs. Walker gets him around to repair her set. She is overly proud of her house and watches his every move in her living room. This in turn, annoys the Repairman to no end. While she is in the kitchen getting herself coffee, the Repairman takes a break and sits himself down in her armchair and lights up a cigarette. Mrs. Walker comes back in and is furious, accusing him of being a slacker. She also accuses him of stealing one of her antiqwues. That is the final insult, a man can only take so much from the “LadyMuck”! Who does she think she is? The Repairman then grabs her and places her across his knee for a good spanking. During this he discovers, to his good fortune, that she enjoys a man who treats her with a firm hand. She tells him where he can find her private collection of whips and canes, which he uses in a commanding manner on her luscious bare bottom. Mrs. Walker is a very sexy woman. And the harder he trashes her pink cheeks, the more she wants!


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