Schoolgirl Spectacular – A Prefect’s Story

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Schoolgirl Spectacular – A Prefect’s Story

Girls will be girls…and these girls are good at being naughty! Once again Phillips and Ryan have skipped Gym class and Mr. Johnson is none too pleased. He gives the head prefect full authority to discipline these two after summoning her to go and fetch the deviants. She finds them smoking, and orders them to strip for HER PE class. The girls are frightened that Barrett will tell the head teacher that they were smoking, as both have gotten final warnings about such behavior and may face expulsion. They then take a spanking with various paddles and are unable to voice any protest. But the funs not over yet! They take a serious caning, then made to leave the premises completely naked and humiliated. Later that day, another girl, Marshall, is found to be lacking in her schoolwork and is therefore receives twenty-odd lashes, bringing tears to her eyes and apologies past her lips. She will learn to get her priorities straight!


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