Uniform Infractions – Kaye

Friday, April 13, 2012



Uniform Infractions – Kaye

Kaye was sent to the corporal punishment room for failing a knicker inspection and unfortunately for her, Miss Carter was on duty. The scruffy schoolgirl might have expected a detention from any other teacher but Miss Carter believed in other methods. Kaye was frightened when told she would be spanked as she’d heard from other spanking girls just how painful a spankiing from the young teacher could be. She was put across Miss Carter’s knee and was soon whimpering and promising to wear the correct knickers in future. Kaye thought her ordeal was over when she was ordered to stand up but was horrified when Miss Carter ordered her to remove her knickers completely and to return to collect them at 4pm. Then the punishment resumed on Kaye’s bare bottom and it was not long before she was sobbing out her apologies. But Miss Carter had not finished with the naughty girl just yet. After straightening the snivelling schoolgirl’s tie, she decided that more spanking was required and put the girl back across her knee for another dose of discipline. Kaye was eventually dismissed rubbing her red raw bottom and not looking forward to spending the rest of the day without knickers spanking clips!

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