American Spanking Classics #2 – Shelly’s Punishment & Shelly’s Revenge

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


American Spanking Classics #2 – Shelly’s Punishment & Shelly’s Revenge

Released: 2007

Normally Shelly is a well-behaved girl so when her parents discovered the aftermath of her party they were very shocked! Her father’s cologne had been emptied and the bottle had dropped in the sink chipping the basin…Of course Shelly’s attitude of not owning up to the ugly deed makes her parents use corporal punishment! Drawing Shelly over his lap, Shelly’s mother hand spanks her bare bottom until it glows but still she will not she or her friends did it. In desperation her mother gets the cane and uses it full force against Shelly’s already painful sore globes making them quiver and jump with each stroke.

Shelly angered by a previous punishment, takes her revenge by cutting up one of her mother’s favorite sundresses and throwing it into the garbage…Found out, she undergoes an even worse punishment session than before. Her bare bottom blushes under her mother’s angry palm and then turns red with painful welts as her mother lands whack after whack with the thin cane she brought for just this purpose!


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