College Classics #11

Friday, May 18, 2012


College Classics #11

Released: 2001

It’s a bright, cheery 7:30 am when we see our two 18-year-old college students struggling out of the bed to rush to their early morning classes. Their stepfather is quietly reading a letter from the head mistress of the college informing him of their baiting truancy and subsequent suspension.

When confronted, Jessica and Liz obviously try to lie their way out of a bad situation, but to no avail. Knowing that corporal punishment is no longer used in college the stepfather decides to practice some of his own. Laying his first smacks over their knickers, he quickly finds their curvaceous bare bottoms for more hard smacks. Then onto a hard paddle, followed by his cane. Tramlines soon follow as their sore bottoms are continuously struck in order to insure a more punctual arrival at school in the future.


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