College Classics Part 4

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


College Classics Part 4

Stars: Leonard Wells, Nancy King

Released: 1991

Nurse Courtney is in big trouble. She had been entrusted with the health maintenance of a prominent boys’ school. But she had little patience with one student’s disrespectful attitude toward her. She decided to administer corporal punishment. This little incident has brought her before the superintendent. She had definitely exceeded her authority and is now on the brink of dismissal. She has only one chance to keeping her job. If she were to submit herself to corporal punishment at the hands of the stern superintendent and express genuine penitence, he might be persuaded to give her another chance. As she humbly lifts her skirt and bends across his knee, his anxious hands glide joyously over her smooth, round rump, the superintendent tries to convince himself he is only performing his duty, but the arousal in his loins is hard to deny. Once her punishment begins, he may be very reluctant to bring it to an end.


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