English Punishment Series #18

Sunday, May 6, 2012


English Punishment Series #18

Released: 1999

Caned In Wet Panties 2
Miss Williams is a stern employer. When her secretary doesn’t deliver work on time. She is severely punished. First by a hard spanking over hard boss’s knee. Next she stands her against the wall to paddle her reddening behind. Finally, she instructs the secretary to remove her panties in water and then put them back on. Explaining to her that a canning is even more painful when delivered in this matter. A little later she removes the panties revealing a very red bottom and then proceeds to deliver even more cane strokes to her bare bottom. The next day, Miss Williams sees a client whose Grandmother recently deceased. There is a stipulation in her will that her Granddaughter must be spanked and then receive forty strokes of the cane each month. Miss Williams is happy to oblige, but warns the girl that the punishment she receives will be more severe than she ever had gotten from her Grandmother. Of course she uses the same method with this young lady, caning her in wet panties as her secretary received the previous day.

Swedish Lashes
Two Swedish sisters have been sent to visit Mrs. Bond, an oil magnate, at her country mansion, by their father, an influential business. If seems that Mrs. Bond has not been paying her bills. When they confront Mrs. Bond about the unpaid bill they are horrified to find out that she has yet to receive her goods, and is incurring costs because of errors at the Swedish end. After speaking to their father by phone, they submit themselves to Mrs. Bond for punishment on behalf of their father’s company. Mrs. Bond takes the opportunity to vent her frustration, and submits the sisters to a succession of harsh hand spankings, paddle beatings and canings. All the while forcing the sisters to watch each other being beaten.

Jerry Stringer’s Strokes
Jerry Stringer is as furious as he is handsome. Two women on his live show have taken things too far and have injuired one of the security men that hwlped separate them. He finds them backstage arguing where he decides to punish the one at a time for potentially ruining his successful show. The first girl marks very quickly with the cane. However her rival is more resilient and Jerry must really dig deep to teach her a lesson she won’t forget.

Incompetence At The Nursing Home
While preparing medicines for her elderly patients at a retirement home. Nurse Wilton is given some shocking news. Apparently her Supervisor is under the impression that she tied up one of her patients. She at first denies the accusation, but after questioning she does admit to her extreme measures saying that it was to prevent the patients from causing further trouble. Her Supervisor is not at all pleased, and decides to give her a dose of her own medicine. In the kitchen, the Supervisor bends the Nurse over a chair to beat some kindness into her. As the nurse is quite stubborn, her Supervisor feels that it is necessary to take her into another room, where she makes her strip to her stockings and gives her a lengthily thrashing with the cane. – Incompetence At The Nursing HomeAn all-important futbol game is about to start and this husband is ready and waiting for it. He asks his wife to bring him a cup of tea, and also tells her that his mates should be over soon to watch the game with him. Well, she has gotten all dressed up for him, looking very sexy, but all he wants is his cup of tea to watch the game. He gets quite irritated with her and starts to spank her. But when he sees her sexy underwear, he gets turned on. The more he sees her ass, the more turned on he gets and proceeds to forget all about the futbol game on television.


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