English Punishment Series #35

Thursday, May 10, 2012


English Punishment Series #35

Released: 2003

Our latest compilation includes: “Trouble from the Troubleshooter #2″ about a health club troubleshooter who determines that both a wedding planner and gym instructor must suffer cane strokes for their mistakes.

In “St. Luke’s Harsh Strokes” our stern headmaster must punish an employee and her tennis partner when she learns that both have been wayward. Both will be reeling from their sore bottoms for several weeks to come. In “Expelling the Pain” Mrs. Davenport, a Scottish lawyer, has called her stepdaughter to task. Having skipped school, Emma must suffer numerous methods of spanking before she learns that attendance is a must!

In “Spankings, Canings and Roses” the gardener is furious at all the demands that is made of him. He decides to teach his employer, Mrs. James, that a good hand spanking, tawsing and caning will no doubt change her mind in regard to the chores he must do.

And finally, in “Showcase Spanking” a beautiful R&B singer, Candice soon finds out that the record executives are not only impressed by her voice. She must learn spanking and caning in order to insure a record contract.


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