English Punishment Series #47

Friday, May 11, 2012


English Punishment Series #47

Stars: Nikita

Released: 2008

Our latest collection includes bits of our “Two English Spanking Stories” and “Caned by the Council.” In our first story, “Nikita the Seductress” a beautiful apartment tenant must seduce a repairman with sexual favors in order to have her boiler repaired. When his boss finds out she is advised that she is a naughty girl and suffers a reddened bottom by his ever so eager hands.

In “Final Settlement” the Chuckle Brothers have decorated Nikita’s neighbors’ flat and are there to receive payment. She tells them that the bailiff has visited and taken her furniture and left her with a pittance. She is told that her only way out is a bare bottomed hand spanking. Of course this will be only one part of the repayment process!

And in “Caned by the Council” two prostitutes are told that a special section of the court is used by offenders who are given a way out of the prison system. By submitting to a spanking and caning they will be headed home today!


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