English Punishment Series Volume 21

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


English Punishment Series Volume 21

Released: 2000

Sure to please this latest video contains snippets of: CANED IN NEW KNICKERS: Two sales girls are treated not to bonuses but to some hard spanking and caning, when it is found that their sales total aren’t up to snuff. They are asked to wear their underwear company’s knickers, which are soon removed in the course of events.

WELFARE CHEATS has two girls who are discovered to be on the take with the welfare department. In turn for some over the knee spanking and the use of the tause by the administrator, he decides to turn a blind eye to their fraudulent claims for a few more weeks.

In YOUTH HOSTEL CAPERS three lovely ladies are asked to neither gamble nor fight. When the owner returns from a short trip she finds that one has indeed gambled, and decides to discipline her with a paddling. While off in another room, they soon hear a fight in progress and it is found that the two other girls will also have to suffer the deterrence of a can in order to dampen their fighting spirits.

In LADY VERNON’S CANING HEAVEN Part Two lady Vernon is again asked to instill some hard and fast discipline to two of our reformatory girls when it is found that some men have been visiting their quarters. We soon learn that she is well worth the money she is paid.

And lastly is FAMILY CANING: A wife and daughter are found wanting to attend an orgy party after strict forbiddance by the husband. When he finds them scantily clad he realizes that he has to retake control of his family and administers some spanking and caning to both. He has indeed restored good order within his family.


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