Errant Daughter

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Errant Daughter

Stars: Billie

Released: 1990

After three nights out, ‘on the tiles’ Billie arrives home where she lives with her widower father. Dad is furious at his daughter’s apparent wayward ways, even more so at the way she is so scantily dressed. ‘I just hope to God that the neighbours didn’t see you arrive home looking like that… Furthermore, YOU STINK! Get into the bathroom, clean yourself up and get back to me here immediately!’ Billie relaxes in the warm soapy suds, but she hasn’t escaped her father’s wrath. Ordered to return to the lounge she is given a dressing down which reduces her to a sniveling schoolgirl, and we all know what a naughty schoolgirl gets when she misbehaves! Billie receives just that, and very much more. Anyone knowing what a flexible Scottish tawse can do will know what to expect. Dad, we add, is a genuine Scot, so you can rely most assuredly on an accurate rendition of authentic corporal punishment. We have produced this title as an entirely genuine feature. The two players are total enthusiasts in corrective discipline, and for those viewers who demand nothing but the real thing, you’ve got to go along with this great piece!


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  1. del Says:

    Hi, looks amazing, any chance of re-upping this on rapidgator or similar as oron now down.
    Thanks for fantastic blog, cheers.

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