I Know I Need It

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I Know I Need It

“I Know I Need It” is a two punishment sessions. In Part 1 college student Bryanna goes to one of her college advisers and tells her that her grades have not been very good and that when she was still at home her Mom would spank her for such a thing. Bryanna then embarrassingly asks her adviser if she would spank her like her Mom used to do because she thinks that it will help with her grades. Her adviser agrees but is caught off guard a little when Bryanna tells her that she needs to pull her panties down so she can be spanked on the bare butt like she would be if her mom were the one spanking her. Although a little surprised with the situation the adviser quickly turns to the task at hand and gives Bryanna as good of hand spanking as she would have gotten at home. In no time Bryanna is squirming and promising to do better as her new disciplinarian turns her butt a bright cherry red with spank after hard spank on her naked upturned cheeks! In Part 2 Bryanna has returned to her adviser as she has been instructed to do wearing clothes that make her feel like a young girl still being punished at home. Bryanna tells her adviser that she has told her mom about the situation of being spanked by another woman and that her mom thinks it is a great idea. Bryanna then presents a paddle to her adviser that was sent to her by her mom in the mail and tells her adviser that it is the very paddle she was spanked with at home growing up. Bryanna tells the adviser that her mom wants her to be punished with the paddle just like she would be if she were still at home so once again Bryanna finds herself with her panties down getting a hard blistering. The paddling that Bryanna receives is very hard and painful but Bryanna knows better than to move out of the way so she grits her teeth and keeps her butt stuck way out for as much of the paddle as her adviser wants to give to her.

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