Marital Strokes & Cheating Housewife

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Marital Strokes & Cheating Housewife

Stars: Shelly Mattson, Joe Stewart, Alison Brett

Released: 1994

When Joe caught young Kimberly smoking illegal substance, she begged him not to tell her sister. She was even willing to endure harsh spanking as punishment. But as far as Joe was concerned, spanking was only the beginning. This young lady’s tender bare bottom was overdue for the full treatment, the cat o’ nine tails and the cane. Perhaps Ian had been away to long. When he arrived home to find another man’s clothes left in the living room he was irate. Ian has his own special ways of dealing with such matters. His wife’s pure white bottom will soon be turned blistering red. And his wife’s round buttocks have been begging for their cruel caress.


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