Mom Spanks Daughter For Sneaking Out

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Mom Spanks Daughter For Sneaking Out

In this video a very angry mom spanks her daughter for sneaking out of the house to go hang out with her friends. First she takes her little panties down and gives her a very hard hand spanking on her bare bottom. This is a very strict mom who spanks this poor girls butt until it is blistered. To add to the punishment the girls mom makes her daughter ask her to spank her harder. After the hand spanking the mom makes her daughter lay over some pillows so her butt will be raised in the air and she punishes her butt with a leather belt. The mom tells her daughter to lift her butt up so she can spank it better which daughter is forced to do. The daughter is made to lift her butt up and ask her mom to spank her with the belt. At the end of the spanking the mom makes her daughter kiss the belt that she was spanked with and thank her mom for spanking her. This is the best mother/daughter video ever and if you only get one video this is the one to get! This video is 17 minutes long.

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