Naughty Naughty

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Naughty Naughty

Released: 1986

It was only when dad, who had just arrived home and hearing the noise coming from the bedroom, made an appearance that she stopped the caning, and then CRIPES…the balloon really went up! Dad was absolutely furious! He demanded to know what right mum had in taking punishment matters into her own hands without his guidance and authority… and more… How DARE she go as wild as she had done! A caning punishment was apparently supposed to be meted out in either six or twelve strokes. Poor old Karen had received at least thirty as was obvious by her multi-striped bum!


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  1. Mr Graham Says:

    These “oldies” are superb as is your service….you don’t happen to have “Maid For Tears” by any chance?

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