NWV-410 otk spanking Wives 2

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


NWV-410 Spanked Wives 2

When we first started doing videos in the early 80s, we recognized the appeal of “amateur” spanking so we invited men to bring their wives and girlfriends to our new studios for videotaped otk spankings. The response was unbelievable. We had people from all over the world showing up. Many of the women couldn’t take the type of spankings we needed so you obviously won’t see them in this series, but here are three more wives who could.

Downloading Spanking Video 0251_SPVc4s.wmv | 293.5 Mb

File Name : 0251_clips4sale_NWV-410 Spanked Wives 2.wmv
File Size : 293.54 MB
Resolution : 640×480
Duration : 00:19:35

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  1. null Says:

    ded link…

    plz re-upload

  2. Rob Nond Says:

    Oron has made it very difficult to use your service. I cant get set up because of them

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