Prison Punishment

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Prison Punishment

Stars: Mr. Hunt

Released: 1996

Three escapees are lead into Wing F to Mr. Hunt in the Woodwork Shop as a special punishment humiliation session. Mr. Hunt is the firmest disciplinarian in the Prison and doesn’t stand for any messing around whatsoever! As a preliminary, they have to strip to their underwear and put on punishment gowns he gives them. They are then given menial cleaning jobs to do around the workshop. However, every time Mr. Hunt has his back turned, the girls misbehave. Not to be messed around with, Mr. Hunt launches into spankings and degrading paddlings. He humiliates the girls, parading them around on a bench. Beating their bare bottoms whilst they are made to walk in a circle. Then it is time for them to raise their punishment gowns for severe canings, this is a particular field that Mr. Hunt specializes in!


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