Punishment For Permits

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Punishment For Permits

Released: 1998

Having been arrested at the Airport by a suspicious Customs officer, Miss Samuels is held in a detention area while her friend Miss Goldsworth is being interviewed to find out just what reasons Samuels has being in the country. At first Goldsworth lies, saying it was just for a holiday, but when the evidence shows that she is actually there to work (illegally), she confesses to all.

This has become quite a dilemma for the Customs Officer. Not only does he have an illegal immigrant, but he has her conspiring friend as well. After a second interview with Miss Samuels, he decides that the best way to proceed here is with a traditional “English C.P. Session”, and he has no trouble persuading her to bare all for this humiliating preliminary punishment, which he follows with a torrent of hard canings.

Miss Goldsworth doesn’t get off “scot-free” either. The Customs Officer sends for her after Miss Samuels leaves his office nursing her painful, red welts. But she also has an official entrance permit when she leaves.


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