Sam Johnson and Rachael meet the Punishment Man

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sam Johnson and Rachael meet the Punishment Man

Rachel thought she was being clever by seeing her lover when her Fire Chief husband was on duty with blue watch at the local firestation, but cheating wives are always found out. Wrapped in the throws of passion with her lover she forgot all about the cake she had baking in the oven for him, that is until blue watch turned up, complete with her husband to put out the blazing kitchen. Blue watch were so shocked to see their guv’nors wife in bed with another man they had a whip round to pay for the Punishment Man’s services, and does he do his job well as the deep red weals upon her naked buttocks testify.
Sam adores clubbing, so much in fact that she is hardly at home these days which is not good news for new husband. Fed up with cooking and cleaning for himself after a hard day’s work he decides to go home and stay with his dear old mum for the evening, but not before booking the Punishment Man to pay his wife a visit. When Sam arrives home she is shocked to find a stranger in her home along with some strange furniture. The Punishment Man has brought his own whipping table and stool along. It does not take him long to get the clubbing Sam laid over it for a sound thrashing.
But that is not all, this video does have a sting in the tail as the girls are close friends and they relate their experiences to each other and show each other their marks before comforting each other in the way only girls can do. That is until the Punishment Man returns and makes them spank each other before thrashing the pair of them side by side.

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