Sapphic Schoolma’ams

Tuesday, May 1, 2012



Sapphic Schoolma’ams

Miss Spencer was feeling a bit naughty and a bit horny so went in search of Miss Carter. She found her in the punishment room and asked her for a good spanking. Miss Carter never turns down the opportunity to administer a good spanking, even if it’s to the bare bottom of another teacher. So after the spanking came the “discipline” i.e. a good fingering to orgasm. Miss Spencer then returned the favour with a few good slaps to Miss Carter’s pert bottom followed by a good fingering on the teacher’s desk. A flushed Miss Carter then went back to work, waiting for the next naughty girl to arrive for punishment.

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  1. jran55 Says:

    This clip is not there anymore. Can you repost?

  2. Reupload Please Says:

    Please re-upload all the ones with Miss Carter from Uniform Spanking or Wellspanked! They all get deleted so fast. :(

  3. admin Says:

    Leave your requests. I will send links by e-mail. when sending the request, specify an existing email!

  4. ava Says:

    hey could u please send me the new link via email thank u very much ;)

  5. ken Says:

    0238_clips4sale_Sapphic Schoolma’ams.wmv had been deleted. Can you send the link to 0238_clips4sale_Sapphic Schoolma’ams.wmv

  6. david nicholson Says:

    As above, would really like the ones with Miss Carter from Uniform Spanking or Wellspanked. Thank you.

  7. Susan Says:

    Please send me the new link via email. Thank u very much

  8. Gary Says:

    Any links to Wellspanked movies greatfully appreciated.

  9. tony Says:

    please send me new link by email. thank you.

  10. don Says:

    Please send me a link to the sapphic school video.
    Thanks for all your great work, we are grateful for your efforts.

  11. Frank Says:

    Is it possible that I can get this video as well?

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