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Tuesday, May 1, 2012



My name is Helen, and I am 27 years old, happily married and really quite average, apart from my fascination with ‘spanking’ and the thrill it gives me.

My husband occasionally buys Kane and I was very interested to read Sarah’s confession in issue 75 and then the letter from Ms Kaye P. in issue 76, as their experiences are very similar to mine to me. It may surprise you to learn that my husband is not in charge of my discipline; but my father-in-law, and it is usually carried out in the presence of most of my husband’s family.

It all started after we were married, Kevin, my husband, often gave me a playful slap on my bottom, which progressed to full blown playful spankings. These were given mainly over my knickers, but sometimes I was spanked on my bare bum. It wasn’t long before I knew I was really hooked on being spanked. Kevin frequently teased me, saying that he should get his dad to give me a proper hiding and see if I liked it then. I couldn’t believe that he meant what he said, but afterwards, I constantly thought about his father putting me over his lap, pulling down my knickers and spanking me, until one day when Kevin said it, I blurted out, you wouldn’t dare!

A few weeks later Kevin and I had a silly argument that ended with me storming off to the bathroom. Kevin told me that if I did not come out in exactly one minute, he would phone his dad and tell him to come round and give me what I deserved. That’s when I decided to call his bluff by staying put.

As I sat on the bathroom floor pondering the matter, I heard Kevin talking. Quietly I unlocked the bathroom door, opened it slightly and listened. Kevin was talking to his father. He hadn’t been bluffing after all. I continued to eaves drop, and was stunned to hear him say to his father, yes, you can do what ever you see fit. There was a long pause, definitely on the bare! It had to be some kind of joke, surely. I pushed the door fully open, ran towards Kevin and snatched the phone from him. Good afternoon Helen, said his dad. I slammed down the receiver and ran to the bedroom crying.

I was still sobbing when Kevin arrived and broke the news, saying his dad would be here in half and hour, and that he would deal with me while he went off to the pub. After Kevin had left, I thought right, I’ll teach you a lesson – if you’re prepared to let your dad see my bare bum, then I’ll make it as attractive as I can for him.

I quickly put on some make-up and took out my sexiest underwear, very brief translucent white panties and bra and a pair of stockings and suspenders. I even put my best high-heeled shoes on, then after slipping on my dressing gown I made my way downstairs. I went downstairs expecting to find Kevin waiting, but he had really gone. I don’t know why, but I was actually looking forward to finding out if his dad would go through with it, and if he did, what he would do.

When his father arrived I couldn’t look him in the eye and I began to have second thoughts about him seeing me dressed in such a way. So, you need a good hiding, do you? he said indifferently as we walked into the lounge. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t speak when he told me to take off the dressing gown, I just stood there and removed it. Why I didn’t just tell him to leave me alone, I don’t know. I just stood there thinking what a tart I must look!

I placed my hands in front of my pussy; I knew it would be clearly visible if I moved them, but I needn’t have bothered, as he literally dragged me across his lap. Then, on my own sofa I was given the most severe spanking I could imagine. He pulled my panties so tight between my bum cheeks I thought they would rip. Thankfully he soon stopped, and as I wriggled and gasped he told me that if I didn’t do exactly what he said, he’d put me back over his lap and start all over again. I listened quietly to what he had to say, not caring that my bum was practically bare when he told me to make some tea.

I stood in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, wondering what else he had in store for me. Back in the lounge he was sat reading the paper and almost ignored me when I gave him his precious tea.

The next twenty minutes were the most embarrassing of my life, as I had to answer the most personnel questions. He made me admit that I had dressed sexily to deliberately flaunt myself at him. He said he knew I would do absolutely anything he asked. He told me to pull my knickers down to my knees and open my legs to hold them there. I blushed red as a beetroot as I obeyed. Then he made me push my tits out of my bra so that he could see them. The pure humiliation was electrifying as he walked around me, saying laughingly, you’re loving every minute of this, aren’t you, as he gave my bum a gentle smack.

I was left like that for Kevin to find me. Needless to say I didn’t stay like that for long, as when he saw me, he took hold of me, bent me forward and took me from behind and then we had the most fantastic sex ever. Kevin said that he was not in the least concerned that his dad had seen all I had, in fact, he thought it was great that he had spanked me and had seen all my charms. I have to confess that I got quite a thrill from being spanked by my father-in-law, and I knew it would not be the only time he did it.

Over the next few months we had many similar encounters, usually on the pretence of some minor fault: over spending or an untidy house were the most common. Then, one day, Kevin announced that he wanted to see how I behaved for his father. God, I felt so helpless as Kevin sat watching with a smirk on his face. His dad really put me through my paces. He made me strip naked and soon had me snivelling like a two-year-old. When it was over I thanked his dad and promised to be a good girl, but his dad said, as the young lady likes an audience, I’ll see what I can do to find one.

The next time we visited Kevin’s parents I nearly died of shame. His mother asked how my bottom was and said that she had known all along what had been happening. That’s why I couldn’t refuse when Kevin said I should be spanked there and then to show her.

As I leant over the table, My skirt was lifted up over my waist. Despite the incredible shame it was so exciting and I felt happy to do whatever they wished. My father-in-law pulled my panties up tight to expose my bum, but Kevin’s mum was having none of that – oh no! Why the modesty? Take them down, she said. I held my breath as the flimsy material was dragged down my legs, but even that did not satisfy her and she ordered her husband to take them right off! I slowly lifted each leg in compliance and my knickers were removed completely.

It was like being in another world as the spanking began. I held my eyes tightly shut and wondered how I had got myself in to this situation. I began to shuffle and moan. I could sense the sheer enjoyment everyone in the room was experiencing, including me. After her husband had spanked my bare bum raw, Kevin’s mother came up to me and ran her hands over my red, swollen bum. I don’t think a spanking’s enough for this hussy, she smiled wickedly, she needs the cane to teach her a lesson. She turned to her husband and told him importunately, to make sure that he got one for ‘this hussy’s’ next punishment.

Things really progressed from then. Once a week I would submit to a token spanking from my father-in-law, but once a month I’d have a real punishment session. I don’t know how I came to accept the ‘real punishments’ as I see them, as they are totally different to a playful spanking. They really hurt and I don’t look forward to the pain at all, but the extra humiliation of knowing I’m going to get a genuine punishment is overwhelming. The way I am spoken to, talked down to, really highlights my shame. I really do feel like a naughty girl. They talk about me as if I am not even there, commenting lewdly on my body and calling me names.

The ordeal takes place at Kevin’s parents on a Sunday afternoon, and I can guarantee that we are not the only ones there.

I think it is Kevin’s mum who likes to show how well disciplined her daughter-in-law is, and I know it is she who always finds ways of making sure the afternoon is as humiliating as possible for me. I think most of Kevin’s family has seen me punished at least once. My mother-in-law even invited her neighbours to watch on one occasion. I think my husband knows I really enjoy these punishments, as I never protest, although it was a shock when the next door neighbours sat in. The only thing that worries me is how far they will go, as they seem to get more painful and embarrassing each time. The strange thing is this is how I want it. I don’t want to know what will happen next; I want to have to wait and see.

I will tell you what happened the last time I was punished and you can see how far my torment has increased in just over two years.

* * * * *

I was filled with my usual nervous excitement as Kevin and I approached their front door. I tried to see if I could recognise any of the parked cars to tell me who was there. His parents live in a nice neighbourhood in a medium sized detached house. I often wonder what the rest of the householders would think if they knew what happened every now and then at number forty-seven.

I was much more conscious of my impending expose this time as Kevin’s mum had been so kind as to tell me, young ladies who behave like naughty little girls should have their pubic hair removed, and her darling son, Kevin, had made sure that I was shaved bare.

The first person I saw was Kevin’s sister Kate, she is in her early twenties and she just loves to see me thrashed. How’s the naughty girl? she quipped; they’ve bought a cane you know. I’m looking forward to seeing how it makes you howl. Then she grimaced mockingly and led me upstairs.

As usual I had to get changed into my punishment outfit, which is a white T-shirt with matching panties, white socks and black plimsolls. This time Kate waited in the room while I changed. God you’ve done it! she gasped, as my hairless state was revealed. I can’t believe you enjoy this.

When my time of atonement came I walked downstairs and approached the lounge door while trying to imagine who was on the other side waiting for me. My heart was pounding. This is the moment I always remember, seeing the people for the first time and wondering what they must think of me, a grown woman letting herself be treated like this. I could hear voices. I knocked on the door and my father-in-law called me in.

I tried to look calm as I entered and made my way to the centre of the room. I glanced round; I could see Kevin, Kate, their mum and dad, their grandmother and finally my sister-in-law Julie. I felt relieved there was no one new. Then Kevin spoke. This was not correct, this didn’t normally happen. I was confused. Are you sure Julie? he asked his sister. Yes, She replied unfaltering, then her much to my surprise her eighteen-year-old daughter Dawn entered the room. I stared in shock at her nervous smile. Then Kate beckoned her over to sit beside her. Surely they were not going to let Kevin’s niece see me like this. I looked at Kevin and whispered, please, no, but I knew it was no use. They’d already decided she could watch me being thrashed.

Kevin’s father rose from his chair and walked around me. What can we do for you today, Helen?’ he asked, as though my being beaten was an everyday occurrence. I had to admit I was a disobedient girl who needed punishing. I could hear a pin drop as I bent over the back of a strategically placed dining-chair and waited for the slaps to land on my bum. My panties were left in place as he delivered six stinging slaps to each cheek. Then he paused to ask a question. It was about the so-called offence and I had to apologise and promise faithfully never to do it again. Then he asked if I should be spanked on the bare? How could I answer such a question! But of course, I had to say yes and ask him politely to take down my knickers.

The mixture of humiliation and excitement was almost unbearable as I faced my audience and had my panties pulled down to my knees. I looked at their faces and imagined what they were thinking as I was spanked once more. I soon started to squirm and gasp. I would rather they could have seen my bottom than my face. Between smacks I heard Kate whisper to Dawn, wait ‘til the poor cow gets the cane; that’ll make her beg and sob. They both giggled at her remark. Bitches.

By now Kevin’s dad had finished and had pulled up my panties and marched me to a corner. My mother-in-law got up to fetch refreshments for all, except me of course, but before she left the room she came up to me and yanked my panties down to my knees saying sarcastically, I know you’re not shy, Helen, you can show our guests your bum for a while.

After they had finished their refreshments, Kevin’s dad ordered me to walk over to him with my pulled down panties clasped tightly between my legs. With my arms behind my back I presented an obscene spectacle as I shuffled across the room towards him. And I left no one in any doubt about my freshly shaved mound, as soon as it was seen there was giggles of amusement from all.

I was lectured once again and then my panties were removed completely. In position, my father-in-law barked. At once I spread my legs and bent forward to touch my toes. My bum was now facing my audience, and it was not just my bum that could be clearly seen, but everything I had. Then Kevin’s mum walked forward and handed his dad the newly purchased cane. It was a real crook-handled one just like they used to use in schools. I had no idea where they could have got it. Give the tart some real stingers! she laughed out loud.

The first few strokes had me gritting my teeth, but I was determined to keep some self-control but the pain was just agonising. I began to bend my knees and squeal loudly as each stroke impacted. I could hear them commenting about me as the cane continued to its task. Julie laughed to her daughter that I like it really and I heard Kevin’s grandmother say a thrashing does a girl good. I wonder if she had her bare bum thrashed as a girl. I try in my mind’s eye to imagine what she’d look like in my position.

I have lost count of how many strokes I’ve had when I start to plead with my father-in-law to stop. I promise to do anything he asks if only he’ll stop hitting me with that damn cane. A stroke catches me across the tops of my thighs. It stings like fury. That was the last one, Kevin’s father says as though I should be eternally grateful to him.

I jump up quickly and clutch my burning bottom and make my way to the corner. Good girl, he says, have a rest now. My monthly punishment is over; or so I think.

I stand quite still and listen to their conversation that is all about me. Dawn is told of my secret liking for this type of treatment. When the conversation dies down, I am made to bend in front of each of my audience in turn and show them my bottom and have to suffer the shame of them touching me. When I am stood in front of Kevin’s mum, she remarks that my bum can take more of the cane and that she’ll be the one to give it to me. I look on in horror as she fetches a footstool and places it in front of my captivated audience. She then tells me to take my T-shirt off. I’m now stark naked except for my plimsolls and socks.

As instructed I lay over the stool. Kevin’s mum then taps my bottom with the tip of the cane. I wait with bated breath for the cane to bite sharply into my already burning flesh, but it doesn’t. I think I’ll have you on your back young lady, Kevin’s mum orders. The look of triumph on her face was intense as she made me pull my knees up to my chest. I couldn’t believe the view they now had of my bum and pussy that was now lewdly thrust out. Well well, Helen, I think we’ll have you like this more often, she tauntingly laughed.

Although the strokes she gave me were not too hard, I was soon crying. This blatant exposure of my private parts was so humiliating, especially as I was shaved bare. Then, to complete my shame she ran the tip of the cane all the way down the slit of my pussy. You dirty girl, she hissed, she had realised I was wet. I watched nervously as my mother-in-law raised the cane and twice brought it down fiercely, cutting it across the very base of my upturned bottom and my protruding sex lips. God how it stung.

As we made our way home, Kevin said that it was obvious I was excited throughout my punishment session. He was right. The thrill of that afternoon stayed with me for days and our sex that night was unbelievable. My pussy lips were still stinging and puffed-up from the impact of his mother’s cane. Oh the pain and pleasure when he entered me and stretched my lips wide with his huge tool. Ahhh – Bliss.

Kevin has told me to write this and has said that if you publish it he will make me play with myself in front of everyone while I read it to them. Please don’t give him the chance; I really will die of humiliation…


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