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Wednesday, May 2, 2012




Most men bring their wives perfume when they’ve been on a business trip, but not my husband! He returned from a week long Conference in The Netherlands recently wearing a very secretive smile. ?Hope you haven’t been renting those dusky beauties in The Red Light District,? I joked, for I’d been reading about the window girls of Amsterdam who show off their bodies to passing strangers.< ?Well, I was in the Red Light District,? my husband admitted, ?But I only spent money on you.? I was about to delve into his briefcase (assuming he?d bought me a sexy book) when he stopped me. ?You don?t get this particular present,? he explained, ?Until you?ve been very very bad.? At this stage I felt a big rush of heat to my crotch. I should explain that my fantasies have always been really submissive, and that I?d dropped a few hints about them to Bryan. But he?d just smiled at me faintly, and I didn?t think that he?d taken the bait. ?What constitutes being very bad?? I asked now in a husky voice, walking over to him then lowering myself onto a sitting position on his lap, my hands caressing his shoulders. ?That?s for me to decide!? he admitted with an enigmatic smile. I could feel a pulse starting up inside my pussy. I wanted him to punish and pleasure me now! ?Would spending the gas bill money on a new dress count as being naughty?? I pursued. The smile disappeared from Bryan?s face. ?Two hundred and fifty pounds?? he muttered, ?But half of it?s my money.? ?Well, you get to admire me in the outfit!? I said. ?Are you joking?? Bryan enquired. I hurried to the bureau where we keep our accounts, and hastily altered the communal cheque book so that it showed a two hundred and fifty pound withdrawal to my favourite department store. Then, almost climaxing with anticipation, I took the proof of my wilfulness back to the living room. Bryan studied the figures for a minute, then he looked up, his mouth grim. ?Go into the bedroom and undress,? he said, ?Then put on the outfit in here and lie on your tummy.? So saying, he took a brown paper parcel from his suitcase and handed it to me. ?What if I don?t?? I muttered, figuring I?d better not sound too eager. ?If you don?t you?ll find yourself having an even longer relationship with the remaining contents of the parcel,? Bryan said. Baffled and curious, I hurried to the next room and opened the mysterious gift. It contained black PVC briefs, black fishnet hold-ups and a half cup PVC bra, the type worn by a hooker. It also held a smooth tan-coloured wooden paddle with a hoop in the handle so that you could hang it on the wall. I stroked the paddles flat surface and imagined it coming down on my bare bottom cheeks. Feeling more aroused than I?d been in years, I shrugged out of my jeans and sweat-shirt and put on the PVC. The bra pushed my breasts up nice and high. The pants, I found, had buttock-sized holes in the back of them! They simply accentuated my nether charms. Suddenly apprehensive, I walked to the bedroom mirror and touched up my lipstick and sprayed jasmine scent on my wrists. I looked at the duvet, and couldn?t quite bring myself to lie down on it. Especially not with my half-bared bum in the air! Then Bryan walked in and sat on the side of the bed. ?Get this wicked arse over my knee,? he said calmly. I blushed a little bit, but hastened to obey him. As I got into position my pussy rubbed against the side of his thigh and I moaned. ?You?re horny, aren?t you, Lynn? But girls who overspend don?t deserve to come until they?ve had the hardest spanking,? he murmured. ?Thought you were going to use the paddle?? I said. ?All in good time,? Bryan replied, ?I watched some videos of women being thrashed whilst I was in The Netherlands. It?s usual to start with a warm-up spanking to prepare the tender cheeks.? Needless to say, when he started spanking them, my cheeks got very warm indeed. After five spank-intensive minutes I was wriggling about on his knees, and begging for mercy. I didn?t exactly want him to stop - just slow down. ?Enough!? I squealed. ?I?ve hardly started yet,? Bryan countered, spanking the flailing orbs that he?d already roasted. ?But I didn?t really spend the gas bill money!? I said. ?Dear me,? Bryan hoisted me higher on his lap, ?A naughty girl who lies to her husband. You?ll have to feel the paddle for that!? He stopped spanking me then, obviously realising that my bum was truly hot and desperate for respite. I slid onto the floor and took him in my mouth and gave him a first class sucking till he came in my mouth. Then he lifted me onto the bed and pulled down my panties. He circled my clitoris a few times until I climaxed with such a rush that I thought I?d pass out. ?Love you, love you, love you!? I whispered afterwards, my clit still on fire as I cuddled close to him. ?I love you to - and I loved doing this,? he said. Half an hour later he spanked me again for fibbing about the cheque book money, and then we made love. Bryan then told me that he?d been aware for a few months that I wanted to be spanked before sex, but he hadn?t been sure how to go about it. By watching some of the classier videos in The Netherlands he?d got a better understanding of how to excite a sexually submissive girl like me. Three nights later he went on to use the paddle. This time I?d genuinely transgressed, had given away his ancient train set to Oxfam. Well, how was I supposed to know that he intended to get the thing valued at an antiques store? ?Bend over the pouffe this time,? he said. I did, but the rush of blood to my head made the position uncomfortable so he pushed the second rectangular pouffe against the first so that my entire upper body was supported that way. My knees sank into the Chinese rug as I waited for Bryan to roast my exhibited rump. ?Pull your panties down,? he ordered. I hesitated - my bum felt so vulnerable in this position. ?Couldn?t I keep them on for the first few strokes?? I enquired. ?No, I want to thrash a bare backside - not a pair of nylon knickers,? my husband replied. Nervously I edged down my bikini pants then got back into place across the bolsters. ?How many whacks do you deserve for giving away my property?? Bryan said. ?Four?? I mumbled, then wriggled my poor cheeks about in an agony of anticipation. ?Four for not asking my permission, plus two more for costing me money,? my determined spouse said. ?Who died and made you God?? I muttered - then cried out as he flicked the paddle against my naked posterior. I don?t think he did it fiercely, but then he didn?t have to. That hard wood brought the pain and heat and colour to my raised backside. ?Do I have to take another five like that?? I whispered. ?Either that or buy me another antique trains-set,? Bryan replied. I mused over this whilst I rubbed my punished globes and waited for the sting to abate a little. My part time job didn?t bring in that much cash, so I?d have to accept the punishment instead. ?Okay, I?m ready for stroke two,? I said when I could stall no longer. It was exciting to my psyche having Bryan in charge - but it hurt my arse! The second paddling reddened a path across my furrow. Again I cried out and clasped my tender cheeks. ?Keep your hands to the front, love,? he murmured, ?Or Mr Paddle won?t be best pleased.? I shivered. I had no desire to make Mr Paddle any more angry than he already seemed to be! Bryan laid the third lash further down my silken swell. I thought it was lucky that I had a large curvy arse for him to redden. He seemed to count himself lucky too, for when I looked around at him he was obviously turned on. ?Let?s go into the bedroom,? I said throatily. ?No, let?s stay in the lounge,? said Bryan, ?Until your naked arse is thoroughly subdued and warmed.? With difficulty I kept my hands in front of me. I so wanted to reach them back to cover my punished orbs. The fourth paddling felt as if it landed on top of the third. Again I did a little dance on my knees and made various ?aahing? noises. ?Remember how this feels next time you?re tempted to give away my worldly goods,? my husband said. ?I?m sorry about the bloody train set!? I muttered. This nice hard punisher will make you sorry,? Bryan replied. Sadist your middle name, is it?? I taunted. ?No, Just Desserts is my middle name,? he retorted then laid on the hateful wooden implement again. The spanking he?d given me earlier that week had been erotic, but this paddling was for genuine punishment (as well as forthcoming pleasure) this time. At last it was time for my bare bum to receive the final stroke. Bryan cradled and squeezed each inch of my well-punished canvas. ?It?s quite uniformly red - seems a shame to add another band of scarlet,? he mused. I could take a rain-check,? I murmured hopefully. ?No, a bum should be corrected on the day it commits a crime,? my determined spouse said. He said a whole lot more - about teaching my bare buttocks discipline, about how much more thoughtful I?d be when my chastisement came to an end.

He then roasted the paddle across the centre of my displayed

round spheres. Again I clutched at my quivering naked haunches. ?Stay over the pouffes for five minutes,? Bryan ordered quietly, ?And reflect on what you?ve done wrong.?

I did so, after which he lifted me into his arms and took me,

trembling with lust, to bed. By then my bottom just felt nicely hot and we had a wonderful session. In fact, Bryan enjoyed himself so much that he?s now sent off for a slender rattan cane…

Lynn, Aberdeen.

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