Spanking Stories – The Academy – by Cliff James

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Academy by Cliff James

Dedicated to Susan
For the few magical moments in Estoril!
Your kiss and oh the never ending thrill.

Trust Paula to spoil things. The rest of us; Josie, Wendy, Sonia and myself, had managed to nip over the locked wooden door of the entrance, but she had to get her knickers stuck on a splinter.

`Ow!’ she said in an agonised whimper. `help me down!’

`For heavens sake!’ said Wendy. `We’re late enough without that. Come on Paula, lift your other leg over and jump!’

We reached up to help her, hearing her knickers tear on the splinter, then froze into statues as we heard the inner door leading into the cloakroom open behind us, and the deep voice of Miss Wootan.

`Girls! what on earth are you doing here?’

Paula scrambled down and landed with a bump, her torn white knickers falling around her ankles.

`The very five I’m always having to reprimand. I can guess. You were late again, and thought you could creep in this way without being seen. Well, let me tell you, I will not tolerate this slovenliness. Look at the state of Paula’s underclothes! You are all responsible, and I shall take you all to the Principal. But first, you shall all pull down your underclothes.’

Our time at St Mary’s finishing academy for ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty three had taught us not to argue, so we each hitched up our dark purple uniform skirts and pulled down our knickers, letting them flutter down around our ankles.

`Right. Now follow me. Any girl who loses her underclothes will receive a double punishment.’

She turned and stalked off, and there was nothing we could do but fall in behind her. As we followed her through the classroom and along the corridor, classes were coming from assembly, and some of the new arrivals began to giggle. It was so humiliating, shuffling along trying desperately to keep our knickers above our polished black leather shoes, leaving gales of laughter wherever we passed.

Miss Wootan stopped suddenly in front of the Principal’s door, and she glared round at us, her icy blue eyes flashing. `I’ve had quite enough of your unruly behaviour, and I mean to put a stop to it. The Principal may deal with you now, but I shall deal with you in my own way, later.’

She knocked on the door, and we heard the Principal’s cultured voice say `come in!’ Miss Wootan told us to pull up our knickers, and she went in. As we waited, we looked at each other, dreading what our punishment might be, but Miss Wootan soon came out.

`You’re to go in!’ she said, and with a triumphant look on her face, she marched away. We knocked timidly and lined ourselves up before the Principal.

`Now girls’ said the Principal. `Why is it you keep getting into trouble? Miss Wootan tells me you are the very five she is always having to reprimand. I understand you were late today and acted in a disgraceful way in the corridor. I expect something better from my girls. You will therefore undergo ‘special games’ in the Gym tomorrow night. You may return to your classes.’

Sonia looked horrified. `But Miss Blake,’ she faltered, `I’m in the swimming team; and it’s the final training session before the charity swimathon; and Josie has rehearsal for the latest theatre production…’

`How dare you question my decision!’ Exclaimed the Principal, bend over the desk this instant my girl!`

The rest of us shrank back, as the Principal rose and rounded the desk. Sonia whimpered slightly as the Principal’s hand brushed back Sonia’s shoulder-length blond hair from the nape of her neck, then gently pushed her head down until she was bending fully over the large desk. `I want to see your hands holding the other side of the desk, Sonia.’ To do this, Sonia was forced to stretch to the utmost, and her feet barely touched the ground.

The Principal pulled up Sonia’s blouse, then tugged up her tight pencil skirt, showing her firm cheeks and white regulation knickers. The Principal selected a cane from her drawer and gave it a few stripes through the air. On hearing this Sonia gave a little moan, and the rest of us huddled closer in the corner. The Principal teased the end of the cane across Sonia’s tightly rounded cheeks, using it to ease down her knickers to half-mast, then brought down the cane with a quick flick of the wrist. Each of us felt the ‘thwack’ sound as if it were we who were being caned, but an instant later we heard Sonia’s yelp of pain.

`One’ said the Principal.

On the second and third strokes we saw Sonia’s hands grip the desk even tighter, but she wouldn’t give the Principal the satisfaction of more cries of agony.

`There,’ said the Principal, `three should suffice to stop you being unruly until tomorrow night. You may return to your classes.’

I could see poor Sonia was tearful, but we trekked off to our first classes, and couldn’t get together until break.

At break, we gathered in our usual corner, and immediately, Sonia burst out, `Right! If they’re going to give us a bad name and treat us like young girls, we will behave like young girls and jolly well live up to our reputation as well. We’ll be a REAL gang from now on, and I’ve thought of a name. I found some ancient books under the stage, where some boys at a grotty school called Greyfriars called themselves the Famous Five. We’ll be the Very Five. Miss Wootan is always calling us that, anyway. We can sign our letters and notes with ‘V.V.’ at the bottom – V for ‘Very’ and V for the Roman five.’

`And keep it a secret!’ said Wendy, `And not tell anyone what it stands for!’

`I like it!’ I said. `V.V.! Nobody’ll guess.’

`What sort of things do you want us to do?’ asked Paula, who is a bit plump and lazy, but always willing to trail along.

`Well, for one thing, I’m not going to wait for Miss Wootan to deal out her own punishment on top of tomorrow night’s,’ said Sonia. `If she thinks we’ve been naughty up till now, she doesn’t know what’s coming to her. I’ll think of things!’

Josie was the only one that hadn’t spoken. Her parents came from Sweden, and Josie is slim and tall, a marvellous athlete. She had been singled out for extra coaching, and to miss tomorrow night’s training session was a big set-back, just before the swimathon at Boothby Hall Pool. Josie was sitting on a low wall, looking down at her hands, which still bore the faint marks of a caning. She raised her freckled face and said slowly, `Sorry, but you’ll have to count me out. I’m…’

Sonia wouldn’t let her go on. `You can’t back out Josie!’ she burst in. `We shan’t be five without you, and it’s partly because of your swimming I feel so mad about the whole thing. I’m sure I can think up a scheme for you to get off tomorrow night. If we get caught, who cares? We do that now, without trying.’

`Sorry,’ repeated Josie, shaking her head and pushing her straight red hair out of her eyes. `I can’t risk the Principal not allowing me to enter – and it could come to that. I’ll do extra training to make up for it.’

`Your a beastly spoil-sport. I hope the Principal punishes you so hard you can’t do any extra practice for a week!’ said Sonia hotly, and stalked off. Then the bell rang, so nothing more could be said.

After lessons, there was still a bit of an atmosphere between us, and although Paula and Wendy did revise together, the rest of us split up. I hadn’t much revision, and what there was I didn’t do very well because I was thinking about Sonia and Josie and the Very Five, and hating the thought of tomorrow night’s punishments.

It was still quite early when I sneaked up to Josie’s dorm, and as I got to her dorm’s door, Sonia appeared, coming from the opposite direction. `I’ve been thinking – ‘ we both said together, and then laughed. Josie heard us and came out in her shortie night-dress. She looked at us doubtfully, but Sonia said, `Can we come in Josie?’ As we were both still grinning she must have thought everything was alright, and opened the door wide enough for us to slip in. The dorm was deserted. `They’re all next door in the leading graduates dorm…’ Before Josie could finish, Sonia went on tip-toe and gave Josie a kiss on the lips!

`I’m sorry what I said this afternoon, Josie. I admit you were right. But I’ve come up with another idea, and I hope you and Carol Anne agree.’

`Go ahead’ Josie said, looking slightly startled, but secretly excited.

`We run away!’ exclaimed Sonia.

`What??!!’ We said.

`Don’t you see, the press will be at Boothby Hall Pool for the swimathon, so we can tell them just how strict the finishing school is. And until the swimathon, the pool will be deserted. It’s a perfect hide-out.’

`That’ll take some doing, but I like it better than the other idea’ said Josie.

`So do I’ I added.

`That’s settled. We’ll talk Paula and Wendy round in the morning. You must be cold Josie, let’s go and get in your bed and keep warm.’

We walked through the darkened dorm to Josie’s bed and clambered in.

`Would you like to kiss me again, Sonia?’ said Josie shyly, putting her arms around Sonia.

`I’ll teach you.’ offered Sonia. I watched them kiss, slowly and clumsily at first, then strongly, moaning softly. Josie pulled away gasping for air.

`You have to remember to breathe through your nose, silly!’ whispered Sonia.

`Oh, I didn’t know! It’s very nice. You taste of peppermints.’ gasped Josie. `Let me try with you, Carol Anne.’

Josie pressed against me, and I could feel her budding breasts against my bare arm. Her warm lips met mine and I felt a delicious melting feeling between my legs. Her little tongue touched mine and our lips pressed harder.

`Mmmm…’ moaned Josie, as Sonia ran her hand over Josie’s bottom and squeezed between her legs.

At that moment there was a commotion from the corridor, and we heard the raised voice of Miss Wootan. startled, we shot out of bed and adjusted our blouses and crumpled skirts, Josie pulled down her nightie. We all expected Miss Wootan to be standing in the doorway with her torch, but the disturbance seemed to come from the leading graduates dorm across the hall.

We carefully eased open the dorm door. Opposite was Miss Wootan, standing in the doorway of the leading graduates dorm, letting off a few well chosen words about `such an amateurish display.’ We crept closer and were shocked to see Paula and Wendy stripped totally naked and both kneeling on two chairs, back-to-back in the middle of the dorm. Even at this distance, we saw the scarlet stripes on their pale bottoms. They had been caned by the leading graduates!

(Leading graduates were a small, select, group of young ladies who were in their final six months. These young ladies acted as prefects and were permitted to administer hand spankings to the bare bottoms of the less fortunate girls.)

Then we got a further shock. It seemed Miss Wootan was not angry at the caning, but only that it was she who had wished to do the caning, rather than having the senior girls administer it.

Luckily, Miss Wootan did not notice us behind her, and she stepped into the senior girls dorm and closed the door.

`Oh no, what can we do? said Sonia anxiously.’

`We shall be next!’ exclaimed Josie, as the sounds of caning and sobbing could be heard through the door.

In the heat of the moment, I had a brain-wave. `I know, they’ll take them to the sick room after they’ve finished. If we go there… we can’t do anything now, not without getting the same ourselves. If we hide in the sickroom, at least the Very Five will all be together!’

`I suppose it’s the best we can do, for the moment,’ said Sonia, `Maybe it’ll be a chance to plan our escape. Good thinking, Carol Anne.’ Josie quickly dressed, then we made our way to the sick room.

After Paula and Wendy had been left alone in the sick-room for the night, we came out from under the iron bedstead where we had hidden. They collapsed sobbing into our arms.

`Oh, it was awful,’ said Paula, `The leading graduates grabbed us in the showers, on Miss wootan’s orders. They flicked us with wet towels.’

`And they caned us in their dorm’ continued Wendy.

`We know,’ interrupted Sonia, `we were lucky not to get the same treatment ourselves.’ Wendy said, exposing her red and swollen nipples.

`That bitch, Valancia Ferrari, she stretched my pigtails down to my nipples and clipped them tight with my hair-clips, it was agony!’

All that night, we lay awake planning our escape and revenge.

The next morning, we crept into the kitchens, and took some food for breakfast, before the cooks arrived from the village.

Then we put our plan into action. Just after lessons started for the day, we stole up and down the long wood-panelled corridors to each of the toilet blocks. There we blocked the sinks with paper-towels and turned on the taps. We had managed to flood three of the four toilet blocks when Josie and Paula were spotted by leading graduates.

`They nearly caught Paula!’ gasped Josie, `but they were distracted by the flooding.’

`It’s not my fault I’m not an athlete!’ puffed Paula, `They called after us, said we’d be the ‘Vaulting Virgins’ when they caught us. What could they mean?’

`Never mind that!’ said Sonia, `How do they know about ‘V.V.’?’

`Gosh, you’re right. Did either of you blab last night?’ I asked Paula and Wendy.

Wendy blushed and looked down at the floor.

`So!’ I exclaimed. `Well, we’ve no time to find out now. We must take advantage of the flooding to escape!’

`We’re in luck!’ said Josie, who of course got to the boiler room door first. `The gate isn’t locked.’ We stole through, and up a side path to the closed door. Beyond the boiler room was the coal cellar, which had an old wooden door leading off to a secluded side of the playing fields.

Carefully, Sandy opened the door, and we stepped into the warm dry heat of the boiler room.

`Gosh, what a heat!’ said Paula. The whole room throbbed with the noise of water being heated and pumped into the huge pipes which went to heat the academy. `The boiler sounds like it will blow sky high!’ I said.

`What an excellent idea!’ said Sonia. `We could fix it so it’d blow its top. That would be a diversion!’ Sonia began to push at the huge wheel which controlled the water flow into the boiler. It hardly turned, so we all got round and pushed at it, but it would only move slowly. After much effort, we heard the water stop churning down the pipes.

`There!’ said Sonia. `That’ll be our leaving present!’

We slipped out of the boiler room and crept along the corridor, when Sonia, who was leading, suddenly stopped short. `Listen!’ We stood listening, but heard nothing but a faint hissing from the boiler behind us. `Sorry, false alarm. Come on, we’re nearly there.’

We dashed down into the coal cellar and clambered over heaps of coal to reach the old wooden door. Josie lifted the latch, and we tumbled out, blinking in the sunlight, and realising just how grubby our uniforms had become!

`So, girls!’ said a sudden voice behind us. We span around to see the horrifying sight of Miss Wootan and the Principal, flanked by five senior leading graduates!

`Well girls, you do look in a state.’ Said the Principal triumphantly. As the leading graduates surrounded us menacingly. `It was very silly of you to try to escape your punishment. Considering your sabotage and thorough disobedience, not to mention the state of your uniforms, I shall make your punishment very severe indeed! An example needs to be set to the rest of the young ladies who attend my finishing academy. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated!’

`Shall I go and prepare the gym, Principal?’ asked Miss Wootan.

`An excellent idea,’ replied the Principal. `Set up the special equipment too.’

At a nod from the Principal, the leading graduates grabbed us and held our hands behind our backs, then tied our wrists together with academy ties. We were marched off, helpless, to our fate.

We were filthy from clambering through the coal, so the Principal made us clean up first. The leading graduates, headed by the bossy blonde Valencia Ferrari, pushed us into the gym showers, and made us strip, one by one. I watched first Josie, then the others, noticing they still had faint marks from previous canings. Then I was forced to strip, and Josie helped me with my skirt zip, my hands were shaking so much. Valencia Ferrari made fun of our nakedness as she and her cronies pushed us under the showers. Laughing, they picked up stiff-bristle brushes with long handles, and we were mercilessly and painfully scrubbed all over.

Silent and naked, we were taken into the gym. The curtains on the big windows were drawn. The polished wooden floor felt cold to my bare feet, but I forgot that when I saw Miss Wootan and the Principal standing beside some equipment I had never seen before.

`Stand on this line girls!’ demanded the Principal. We shuffled up, eyes downcast, to the white centre-line of the gym court. `Now you know you are here for punishment. But you are not the only ones to be punished.’

At the back of the gym, Miss Wootan closed the doors and turned the key, then strode back down the gym, her hard heels clicking.

The Leading graduates looked puzzled by the Principal’s words, but she turned to them and spoke to them. `Take the girls to the wall bars. Face forwards to start with!’

They grabbed our wrists and manacled us to the wall bars. I was very worried for Josie – she had not felt the pain of punishment before, how would she stand up to it?

`I’ll get you for this, you bitch, Ferrari!’ hissed Sonia, as Valencia Ferrari manacled her so she could only stand on tip-toe.

`No talking!’ said the Principal. The five leading graduates backed away, but Miss Wootan and the Principal indicated with their canes that they were to stay standing before us. `Now girls,’ said the Principal, `you know that we do not like bullying at this academy and you leading graduates went against my strict rule that only staff shall administer canings. Miss Wootan has told me all about last night’s amateur display. You too must be punished!’

`Oh, but Principal!’ started Valencia Ferrari, and the others protestingly.

`Silence!’ shouted the Principal. `On your knees this instant!’ Reluctantly, the girls obeyed.

Josie, Wendy, Sonia and I exchanged hopeful glances. Poor Paula just hung her head and sobbed softly. Perhaps we might escape the worst of the punishment, if the leading graduates took it for us!

`I have decided that you shall make some recompense to these five girls, said the Principal. `Explain, Miss Wootan.’

`Thank you Principal,’ Replied Miss Wootan. `You shall each place yourself, on your knees, before the girl nearest you.’ The leading graduates looked horrified, but shuffled up to us on their knees. `Now,’ continue Miss Wootan. `Each of you older girls will kiss and stimulate the private parts of the girl before you

Josie and Sonia gasped when they heard this, and the older girls moaned in humiliation. Then I realised that I had bossy Ferrari just below me, and I felt a quick thrill of triumph!

The Principal took over speaking. `Thank you Miss Wootan. The first couple in which the younger girl has an orgasmic spasm shall be spared from any further punishment!’

Immediately, I felt my long thin legs being parted, and Valencia Ferrari’s snub nose and warm wet lips moving over my shaven mound. I felt the wall-bars shake as Josie and Wendy thrashed their legs about, squirming and struggling to keep some dignity.

But it was no use. Soon, the only sounds were of licking and sucking, and Paula moaning softly. Miss Wootan strode up and down the line of girls, stopping occasionally to inspect progress, and slapping down any leading graduate who tried to use her fingers.

I was feeling more and more thrilled as a delicious warmth spread through my body. Ferrari’s tongue was getting quicker and quicker, and it seemed to be moving deeper into me, making my breathing quicker and quicker.

Then I heard someone catch her breath and let out a squeal of pained delight. I looked around, and Wendy was trembling and clenching her bottom, pushing herself onto the mouth of her partner, her toes flexing and relaxing as she shook and moaned.

The leading graduates stopped their licking, and Wendy’s partner looked around triumphantly. Ferrari looked miserable. `You prim little virgin,’ she hissed up at me. `Why didn’t you let yourself come? Never had one before, I suppose!’ I saw that her lips were all sticky and wet, her lipstick smudged.

`Now girls, I won’t have any bickering. It was a fair contest.’ said the Principal. `Release your girl and strap her to one of the punishment frames. Miss Wootan, will you assist please? Wendy, you shall also assist.’

The leading graduates did as they were told. My wrists were unstrapped from the wall-bars by Ferrari, and by the way she smiled I knew that now we would feel the pain to match our pleasure.

There were four small wooden frames at the rear of the gym. They looked a little like narrow miniature vaulting horses, except they had gears at the sides to adjust the height of the leather bolster at the top. As we were bent over them, I felt four manacles brush coldly against my wrists and ankles.

`Thank you girls, that will be all.’ said Miss Wootan, `You will wash your faces and continue your duties as leading graduates. Let this be a lesson to you about disobeying my orders.’ Miss Wootan led the leading graduates to the door of the gym and ushered them out.

`Wendy, you shall ensure that your friends are secured to the punishment frames!’ ordered the Principal. `Quickly, girl, quickly.’

Wendy did as she was told. I was bent double over the frame, and through my legs I could see Wendy moving around the frames, snapping the manacles onto our wrists and ankles. Then the Principal ordered her to adjust each frame. First Sonia, then Paula were lifted by the leather bolster until their arms and legs were at full stretch.

Wendy strained to adjust Josie’s frame, Josie being taller, but quickly her slender limbs were also at full stretch, leaving her tight bottom high in the air, a pale contrast to the long hair which hung down around her face.

`Ah, such a pretty sight,’ exclaimed the head. `Four pretty young bottoms, all so rounded and so taut.’

`To be taught a lesson, eh Principal?’ quipped Miss Wootan.

`Aha, very witty Miss Wootan!’ replied the Principal.

Bent double, we four could each see the others between our opened legs. We exchanged mournful glances. I could just see the legs of Wendy, standing to one side. Oh, the agony of waiting, in a way it was more humiliating that the punishment to come.

Then, without any further warning, the canings began. Each girl was given one stroke each. I watched Paula’s plump bottom receive a stinging thwack, and heard her cry out. Then Sonia took a crack at the very top of her legs. Josie’s anxious face creased in pain as she was struck firmly and precisely across the centre of her high bottom.

Then it was my turn. I felt a faint surge of air as the Principal’s gown moved toward me. I felt goose pimples rising on my exposed bottom, then there was a low swish and a sudden stinging pain which made my whole body stiffen as I cried out.

The round of caning went on, stretching out the agonising wait, as each of us received our punishment. After the second stroke, the pain seemed to grow and spread across my bottom, and each stroke slowly became more painful than the last. I lost count of how many we had, but eventually the ‘swish’ and ‘thwack’ sounds stopped.

`Ten each. That will be all, girls,’ said the Principal. I opened my eyes. My bum felt as if it were on fire! I saw a striping of red and purple marks on the other girl’s bottoms, but it seemed that the Principal and Miss Wootan had been careful not to break the skin.

Miss Wootan whispered something to the Principal.

`Ah, quite, Miss Wootan.’ the Principal replied. Sonia, you seem to have been the ring-leader of this little plot, so we feel that you deserve an extra punishment. Wendy, come here and take the cane!’

`Oh no!’ pleaded Wendy. `I can’t do it.’

`Nonsense, girl,’ said Miss Wootan. Don’t be so modest.’

Reluctantly, Wendy walked forwards and took the Principal’s cane. Sonia pleaded for mercy, wriggled her whole body as much as she could, sobbing and shaking her hair as it hung down to the floor.

Wendy, you will administer the cane to your friends bare bottom, another three strokes should be sufficient.’ ordered the Principal.

Wendy awkwardly lifted the cane and swung it back over her shoulder, shifting her feet to get abetter aim.

Then, before Wendy could strike, a tremendous noise shook the whole gym. The glass in the gym windows shattered and fell noisily to the wooden floor. The boiler had finally exploded!

Miss Wootan and the Principal quickly ran out of the gym to investigate, leaving us alone.

`Quickly Wendy!’ shouted Josie. `Get these manacles off us!’ Wendy just stood there, seemingly frozen in shock. `Hurry Wendy!’

Slowly Wendy realised what was happening, and she went round and released us all. `Oh I’m sorry!’ Wendy said as she released us. `I’ve helped you to be punished. It’s so awful!’

A further tremendous explosion shook the gym, and I could smell smoke through the broken windows. I winced and trembled as the others helped me off the frame. We walked unsteadily back to where we had left our clothes in the shower room, and began to dress. Josie gingerly eased her white knickers over her reddened bottom, but the pain was to much. We found that even the pressure of our pencil skirts was only just bearable.

`Ow, I shall never ever be naughty or mischievous again!’ moaned Paula.

`Don’t be so wet Paula!’ snapped Sonia. `When they find the boiler blown up, we’ll get even more punishment!’

`Maybe worse!’ added Josie.

`Our only chance,’ said Sonia. `Is to escape from this finishing academy and start to begin our lives as free independent women! Now hurry, we must leave before they catch us again!’

We all agreed. With some difficulty, we made our way out of the gym and along the side of the sports fields. After climbing over the stile onto the footpath, we turned and looked back at the academy. The sun was setting, and the dark outline of the academy’s buildings was blurred with smoke and huge flames licking round the roof of the kitchens. We turned away and walked on. We were on our way. Free!


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