Spanking Therapy

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Spanking Therapy

Addison pays a visit Audrey for her usual therapy session. Addison gets to talking about how she’s feeling sad and has been depressed for six months. Audrey decides that something new needs to be done since she hasn’t noticed any improvements. She suggests the alternative method that she had mentioned before, called Spanking Therapy. It’s used for people carrying a burden that they need to be released. Addison is almost reluctant to agree because she doesn’t think it will work, but obeys when Audrey tells her to stand up and go over her lap. Audrey lifts her patient’s skirt and begins to hand spank her over her panties. Addison’s butt becomes very red before Audrey pulls her panties down. Audrey continues treatment with hand spanking on Addison’s bare bottom. After some time Addison starts to really feel the sting of Dr. Knight’s hand. She is ordered to kneel on the chair and lean over the back. Audrey takes out a leather strap and repeatedly whips Addison’s ass until it’s fiery red with welts. Addison will definitely have something to think about every time she sits down and feels the guilt-releasing pain.

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