The Approved School

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Approved School

Edna Savage runs The Approved School.

The two women currently under her charge, Norah & Prudence had managed to run away & a 3rd girl is still on the run.
Now they are back its Edna’s job to get to the bottom of things, so after a spell in the cell’s she summonses them to her office to read them the riot act. With one still missing Edna Savage is determined to get some answers from Norah and Prudence. On interrogating both together Edna decides that maybe a sound spanking and paddling might bring forth the information she is after, but these two are made of sterner stuff and refuse to divulge the other girl whereabouts.
Edna changes her tactics and makes the two women spank each other. Maybe a good dose of humiliation might loosen their tongues. Having tried everything she can think of, Edna’s final threat is the cane. Prudence is first to receive the sting of the rattan and at last Edna Savage feels she might be getting somewhere.
All too soon it’s Norah’s turn but half way though her punishment her father-in-law enters the office for a meeting with Ms Savage. Harold is horrified to see what is happening to his daughter-in-law and demands to know what is going and thinks that Edna should have a dose of her own medicine.
Taking the cane from Edna he gets the two girls to hold her down while he administers a caning to the directors bottom. When Harold feels that he has made his point the girls release her and Edna Savage flees her office in shame. It looks like she needs to rethink the running of her establishment!
A good hard spanking strapping and caning video

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