The Reformation & Red Hot Reference

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Reformation & Red Hot Reference

Stars: Corey Simon, Stacy Walton, Wesley Dobbs

Released: 1993

There is evil in the conservative community of Norburg. And the righteous Father Pinkerton has both the means and the will to drive it from his parish. The focus of his wrath is a local prostitute who blasphemously calls herself Madonna. His exhortation to repentance is met with bold defiance. It becomes apparent to Father Pinkerton that mere verbal communication is not adequate in this case. Conveniently her brother is stocked with bizarre implements of discipline: the strap, the riding crop and the cane. These evil toys of perverse pleasure will finally be used in pursuit of a righteous objective. After extensive chastening, this repentant harlot’s throbbing bare bottom will be anointed with the holy oil of atonement.

Miss Covington is preparing to leave for the day when Mr. Poole detects a number of major accounting errors in his ledger. They are Miss Covington’s errors, and her boss expects her to stay after hours with him to clear them up. She refuses, and the matter escalates into a battle of wills until finally Mr. Poole takes the defiant secretary and gives her behind a sound thrashing. Her tears and sobs of regret have little effect on Mr. Poole’s demeanor. The matter will not be adequately resolved until Miss Covington’s impudent bare bottom has tasted the cruel kiss of her boss’ favorite cane.


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