Whacked Waitresses – Party Girls Punished

Thursday, May 3, 2012



Whacked Waitresses – Party Girls Punished

Three thieving waitresses thought they had got away with helping themselves to a case of wine to take to Jenny’s birthday party. But they didn’t realsie that Miss Carter had cctv in the wine cellar. So before their next shift the light-fingered ladies were summoned to the office. Miss Carter wasted no time in getting to the bottom of things. She made her intentions plain by placing her hairbrush on the desk. First Violet, then Jenny and finally Alice all went across the boss’s knee for a hard dose of the brush. Each girl got it first on her tight black uniform miniskirt before Miss Carter pulled down her knickers and tights to finish the job on a bare and red raw bottom. The snivelling waitresses weer dismissed to prepare themselves for dinner service knowing that the cost of the wine would be taken from their wages.

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