Last Spankings Of The School Year

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last Spankings Of The School Year

Stars: Butch Simms, Sybil Hawthorne, Dani Hunt
Wake up Call
In the tutorial hall of Braemar Prep, Mr. Simms spanks the hell out of Sybil for rudely falling asleep during his lecture. To drive the lesson home, he bends the adorable, long-haired brunette over for a long, hard strapping as well. Petite and shapely, ivory-skinned Sybil colors deeply and fast under the relentless assault of Mr. Simm`s hard hand and grows redder still as the strap is sternly applied to her exquisite bottom. Great professorial spanking, superb reactions and a stunning submissive damsel in distress add up to a picture perfect schoolroom punishment.

Last Spanking of the School Year
Bodacious British brat Dani Hunt pretends to be paying attention to her economics tutor, Mr. Simms, on the last day of the school year, but as he drones on, the cocoa-skinned beauty covertly pens a letter to her girlfriend in anticipation of their holiday in the sun. When Mr. Simms catches her wasting both their time in this manner, he doesn`t hesitate to upend and paddle the merriment out of her. With her skirt pulled up and her panties down, the saucy preppie endures a harsh lambasting with hand and leather paddle across her lushly upholstered buttocks while thrust face down across her instructor`s lap. Then she is bent over the table for a vigorous strapping with a stinging leather strap. The level of severity is high with no holding back in this classic schoolroom discipline scenario, enacted by the articulate and commanding Butch Simms and our adorable visitor from across the pond, 21 year old Dani Hunt.


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