Like Father Like Son

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Like Father Like Son

Monica and Steve have a sexy play before going out for drinks not knowing that Donna, their lodger and her girlfriend Jo (the fabulous Leicester duo) are ear wigging at the door. As they leave Steve tells the girls his dad is due over later to pick up some things and to be nice to him and make him a cuppa when he gets there, but girls be girls and as soon as Monica and Steve are out the door their snooping around the bedroom. Monica not being a tidy lass has left some magazines and implements lying around which the girls find very interesting. Helped by a bottle of wine Donna and Jo start experimenting and with some lovely red bums to prove it they get rather carried away. So much so they don’t hear Steve’s dad turn up and on hearing the oo’s and oww’s he finds the girls getting up to no good in his son’s bedroom. After making them tidy up he orders them to the lounge where he shows them in no uncertain terms that he is not impressed with their snooping. Steve and Monica arrive home to find to find the girls blushing at both ends but little did they know Steve had been saving a surprise for Monica later that night, a nice straight cane! It seamed it was going to be used earlier than expected and on a few more beautiful bottoms other than his wife’s. Father and son then show all three of them who wears the trousers in that house and the girls go of to bed with marks that they will remember in the morning and the men have a “nice cup of tea”.

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