Tales from the Rod Choir Girl Bordello Beating

Monday, June 11, 2012


Tales from the Rod Choir Girl Bordello Beating

Released: 2001

In Choir Girl, Bob, one of the star singers from a boy’s choir, has been summoned to the teacher’s office. Seems there may be an impersonation afoot. The Choir Mistress intends to get to the bottom of this and asks Bob to strip. Bob refuses at first knowing all too well that “she” will be dismissed. We find that he is indeed a she, and she quickly receives some corporal punishment for her deceit. Soundly hand spanked and paddled, then caned, we realize that she won’t be using her boyish looks with this choir teacher anytime soon.

In Bordello Beating, Sarah is reprimanded by her Madam and being uncooperative with the clientele. Oftentimes tipsy, and refusing Lord Drake to spank her, she learns that she will indeed be receiving a spanking. By the Madam! However these hand spanks and cane strokes are ever more painful than those administered by Lord Drake.


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