The Class Of ’95

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The Class Of ’95

Stars: Tara, French, Jones, Miss Bainbridge

Released: 1996

A hard session of Physical Education by Ms. Bainbridge was obviously not enough punishment for French and Jones, because the cheek they showed when their Head Teacher came in was impertinent to say the least. He shows no mercy for they girls issuing them hard punishment on their bare bottoms.

Meanwhile Selina the head girl finds another of the girls in the prefect’s private area in the conservatory. The new girl is not supposed to be there, so Selina sees a perfect opportunity to take the poor girls sweets and beat her as hard ass she possible can. Selina is the school bully and gets great delight in showing off to her fellow prefects and feels that in order to show her superiority she should beat the new girl so hard that everyone around the school will have respect for her and grovel at her feet. This results in the new girl receiving a far harder caning than she would have received from Mr. Bigmore, the Head. The poor girl is humiliated and cries when she sees the welts on her bare bottom.

Meanwhile, French and Jones receive much of the same on their bare bottoms, in the school gym!!!


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