Wallace and Stevens Reformed

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Wallace and Stevens Reformed

Colin Comealot runs Asbo Reform Institute for Girls. Not an easy job for anybody, especially when having to deal with the likes of Wallace, one of the main trouble makers. For a Saturday morning with most of the girls on weekend leave Mr Comealot was out of his office at a meeting which might have been lucky for Wallace and Stevens but unfortunately for them this wasn’t the case. Stevens had written Mr Comealot a letter telling him all about the drink and drugs Wallace had brought into the dorm and Wallace had found out! Dragging Stevens to his office Wallace was determined to get this letter back and on finding the office empty they both begin the search Getting totally frustrated at Stevens lack of enthusiasm Wallace comes across Mr Comealots punishment paddles in a draw and to make Stevens look harder she puts her over the desk and gives her a spanking. Enter Mr Comealot.. Shocked to find the girls in his office and fuming that they had been through his desk he orders them to change out off their weekend clothes, back in to school uniform and return to his office promptly. Stevens is the first to enter, normally a well mannered young lady who since arriving at the Reform Institute had he though turned over a new leaf, today didn’t seem that way. Say that they where looking for him to get a weekend pass didn’t wash with Mr Comealot
he had heard it all before, Nobody, ever should be in his office unless he is present, one rule he stuck very firmly too and he made sure Stevens would never forget it, drumming it home with a hash spanking and paddling. Next in is Wallace, making sure Stevens hadn’t grassed her up, she sticks to the same story but guess what “same story, same outcome” Wallace’s bottom is on the end of another of Mr Comealots spankings and strappings before being dismissed. Having at last time to himself Mr Comealot remembers a letter that came under his door earlier that day and digs it out to read. It’s Stevens’s letter about Wallace’s misdoings and after reading it he is livid and calls for the girls to return immediately. The spanking and paddling he had given them not long before obviously wasn’t enough, there was only one way to make these two learn, a dam hard canning. Both girls stripped to the waist and knelt on his desk receive a severe caning that he can only hope will teach them a lesson once and for all

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