Josie’s Secretaries Caught and Kaned

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Josie’s Secretaries Caught and Kaned
Every wondered what goes on in the Kane Office? Wondered who’s to blame for the delay in your order? Well now you can find out. Sharon my P.A has let her duty’s slip whilst I’ve been out of the office and one morning when she is late yet again I find out just how much she isn’t getting done. After a phone call from a rather irate Mr Carter I decide to show Sharon exactly how I wish the office to be run, with the aide of some paddles and my favourite cane. I am the Boss and the staff must learn! With Sharon saying she needs more help I agree to hire a office junior and interview a lovely young lady called Emma. Her qualifications and C.V all pass the mark, but can she handle the office rules? There’s only one way to find out. Oh I do love my cane. Emma hired and both girls in the office you would think everything would get done, but no chance Mr Carter’s order still hasn’t gone out and Sharon is none to pleased. Part of Emma’s job is to do the post and as I’m out of the office on business Sharon decides that Emma needs to learn the hard way, just the way she had to.. Interrupted by the doorbell Sharon sends Emma to answer it, without her skirt and her red bum on show. Enter Mr Carter, livid that he still hasn’t received his order and has come to pick it up personally. Needing to take his frustration out somewhere, and the source of his frustration are two incompetent girls standing in front of him
there is only one course of action he can take. A damn good thrashing and a server caning later Mr Carter leaves with his order, a smile on his face and knowing that his orders will never be delayed again.

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