Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #11

Friday, July 13, 2012


Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #11

Scene One: Marriage The British Way
Starring: Rikki Lixx and Chris North
A handsome English man gives his pretty American fiance’ a taste of discipline, the British way. Rikki arrives late and inappropriately dressed for a first time luncheon with her future in-laws. To make matters worse, she has an ‘attitude’ when Chris politely asks her to change. Now this sassy brat gets the kind of treatment she deserves. Chris scoops up the pretty girl and debonairly positions his fiance over his knee. Rikki squirms, squeals and protests as she’s given a good, sound OTK spanking. A firm hand, hairbrush, tawse strap and English cane drive home an important lesson.

Scene Two: A Taste of Her Own Medicine
Starring: Red and Linda Powers
A headstrong English Nanny gets the spanking she deserves by her American female employer. Jacinda receives a traditional OTK that’s meant to teach a lesson. The naughty young lady is spanked on panties and her very cute round bottom. Later she’s bent over a chair and punished with a stingy rattan birch.

Scene Three: Sasha Bets Her Bottom
Starring: Sasha Foo and Eve Ellis
Sasha is a reckless gambler. She calls upon a friend to bail her out. Eve knows about ‘tough love’. This form of caring takes the form of a punishing OTK spanking that’s meant to modify behavior. Eve spanks relentlessly on Sasha’s dress, panties and bare bottom with her hand and stingy paddle. The spanking doesn’t stop until Sasha gets the message and honestly decides to make a change.


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