Tales Of The Rod

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Tales Of The Rod

Stars: Marco

Released: 2001

In our first production, an attractive Russian woman has been caught stealing sweets from a grumpy old storekeeper. She has already been suspect, but after giving her a thorough search he discovers more sweets in her panties and threatens to call the police. She asked him not to turn her in as her immigration papers aren’t in order. Taking this opportunity he strips her naked and spanks her lovely bare bottom. He then puts her through some humiliating routines in the nude before caning her numerous times across her curvy red buttocks.

And in the SPANKING:INGREDIENT OF THE DAY our master chef, Marco, purchases when he finds that she has been unable to find all the ingredients that he needs for today’s menus. This is not the first this has happened and his other chefs bemoan her ever been hired. Marco then decides to spank and cane her leaving large welt marks across her bottom. He then parades her before the others chefs so that they know he means business.


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