Bryannas Punishment Week Spanking

Friday, August 31, 2012


Bryannas Punishment Week

Spend a week with Bryanna at her Aunt Lynns home and witness the hardest spankings a naughty girl can receive on her bare butt! This video consists of 4 different punishments which leave Bryanna crying and begging her Aunt to stop the punishment! Punishment 1: Coming home late is never tolerated at Aunt Lynns house and as usual Bryannas round and giggly butt is left to pay the price for disobeying. Aunt Lynn gives Bryanna a long and hard over the lap hand spanking that leaves Bryanna promising to obey the rules!


Punishment 2: Aunt Lynns huge round paddle is something that will make any pair of bare cheeks quiver with fear! This paddle had been designated for use on Bryanna if her grades did not improve and unfortunately for Bryanna her grades remained bad! After taking lick after lick from the nasty paddle and struggling to stay in place Bryanna was yelled at by her aunt and made to stick her butt out even further so Aunt Lynn could spank her butt even harder! Punishment 3: Understanding that she must be spanked for being naughty Bryanna lays over Aunt Lynns lap with her panties pulled down to her knees and submits to a hairbrush spanking that makes her break down and cry all while begging for the spanking to stop. This is not Bryannas first time over her aunts lap so although the spanking is almost unbearable she tries to stay in place and keeps her tender booty stuck out for more punishment! Punishment 4: Its no huge secret that in Aunt Lynns house you either obey her rules or you are punished! After discovering that Bryanna is still in bed at 3pm Aunt Lynn suspects that Bryanna must have stuck out the night before to party with her friends. This behavior of course is not tolerated so Aunt Lynn makes Bryanna lay over two pillows with her bare butt raised high in the air and she gives Bryanna the belting of her life! Bryanna cries and squirms after each lick but Aunt Lynn reminds her to keep her butt lifted up like she has been taught to do and take her horrible spanking like a naughty girl should!

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