Carol’s First Spanking

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Carol’s First Spanking

Carol knew she needed a spanking and she found some local guys to spank her, but it didn’t help. Those weren’t real spankings. Nobody could make her cry! So she asked us if we could give her a spanking that would keep her from sitting comfortably for at least two days. She offered to be in a video simply in exchange for the kind of spanking she wanted. Oh, we gave it to her all right!! He uses his hand, belt, hard leather paddle, and two different hairbrushes, as hard as he can!! Her entire butt turns deep red and it’s burning hot!! He spanks her bare bottom and scolds her, non-stop for almost an hour while she kicks, screams, wiggles, begs, and cries real tears!!! It’s extremely rare to find a video like this, where the girl gets an ABSOLUTELY REAL SPANKING that makes her CRY REAL TEARS!!!


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File Name : 1298_Carols_First_Spanking.wmv
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Resolution : 640×480
Duration : 01:00:33

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