Friday The 13th

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Friday The 13th

Stars: Alexandra Wolf, Renata Sukova, Vaclav Josef Rejnek, Vera Vranova
A huntsman whose wife has been left in charge of two young beautiful girls. So its obvious he has to play a role in their nurturing. Everything has its order
everything has to work according to a schedule.

This and much more you will see in the new Lupus Pictures movie Friday the 13th.Every Friday the huntsman opens a Sin Book. Everything is calculated carefully and of course, a punishment follows.

At first, the girls have to undergo a preparation ritual. Well, you know what we mean… A clyster, changing clothes, undressing, fear a paradise for those who love such situations.

At seven oclock, the huntsman locks the door and puts the key into a pocket. And this isnt the first time the girls experience such situation…. They listen to his lecture, they talk about their offences and then the main thing follows: punishment.

First, there is a classic spanking, nice and stingy. Then, a belt. With a loud sound, it falls onto the cute girlish bums, dressed in the panties they had to soak with water before putting them on. But thats not all.

The hands which were masturbating need to be punished obviously. But thats not all. Guess which body part will next experience the touch of a ruler?

And finally, the queen of all spanking instruments a cane. Both girls’ naked bums receive the last part of the harsh punishment. Then, a ginger root is put into their bottoms and soap into their mouths. They will certainly remember this for a long time…

All this and more awaits you in the new Lupus Pictures movie Friday the 13th. Weve also prepared something extra for you. But we wont mention it here. Now you have something else to look forward to.


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