Miss Morgan Marks Her Boys

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Miss Morgan Marks Her Boys

Miss Morgan is running her own factory, and what with bad time keeping, low production and faulty goods being returned she is not a happy lady. In enters the new boy James to find out the hard way just how his boss deals with his lateness. Next in line is Bob her foreman on the production line, production is low and there is only one way to keep this man on his toes, and by crikey he certainly won’t be sitting down for a while! Last on her list is John
he’s the factory floor manager. John seams a bit to happy to sit in his office rather then getting his team working efficiently, but after Miss Morgan shows him the error of his ways I’m sure John will be spending much more time on the shop floor. If you are a Morgan fan and male sub is your thing, don’t miss out on this title, with plenty of hard hand and paddle spanking and some very artistic marks with the cane this title is a bargain.
70 mins running time.

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