All Girls Get Spanked

Monday, October 15, 2012


All Girls Get Spanked

Starring: Bobbi Brandt, Sloan, Marie, Angel

Scene One: This Is The Spanking Mom and Dad Should Have Given You!
starring: Bobbi Brandt and Sloan
Bobbi spanks her real life sister, Sloan, on her long skirt, silk panties and bare bottom. A long bout with the hairbrush finally subdues the shrieking naughty girl. Tables turn when Sloan returns the favor and gives Bobbi a very thorough panties down punishment session.

Scene Two: The Spanking Contest
starring: Marie and Angel
One of the most original spanking concepts to date. Unbeknownst to them, Marie and Angel are cast to do a video where they spank each other
winner gets a bonus cash prize. The resulting scene shows what happens when two girls compete. Marie and Angel take turns spanking each other very hard. In order to make the contest challenging, excruciatingly painful implements are used including a wooden hairbrush and a long thick ruler.

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