American Spanking Classics #4 – Spanked On Arrival & Strap For Jamie

Friday, November 30, 2012


American Spanking Classics #4 – Spanked On Arrival & Strap For Jamie

Spanked On Arrival – Jim hated going to the airport as it was, but driving around and around looking for his niece infuriated him even more. She had been given specific instructions to be outside the airport, but there was no sign of her anywhere.

“There she is…Come on Jamie…I could spank you here and now. I can see why you have been sent to me…get in the car…I can’t wait to get you home…The trouble and inconvenience you have caused me already…You will not start your first day without respect for me.”

Jamie was nervous. She had been informed that her Uncle Jim was a very stern man who would not put up with any nonsense and just looking at him confirmed these rumors. Jamie learns that even at nineteen, she is not too old to learn respect for both Uncle Jim and her parents after his bottom burning administrations!

Strap for Jamie – “Jamie, I am sick and tired of having you sent before me to be punished. Don’t you ever learn? What drastic measures do I have to employ with you. I have administered spanking and a few cuts of the cane. Still, you continue to run away from home and school. Jamie, I’m going to administer the strap. My experience with other young ladies that have failed to conform shows that the strap has done the trick. Let’s home this is so in your case.”

Jamie hated Miss Wells. She had heard from other girls in her school that the strap for them had really hurt. But Jamie felt that Miss Wells would never be able to get her to conform. This is a Great video! Discipline being a very strong theme, I highly recommend this tape!


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