Caught On Camera

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1340_1_Caught-On-Camera.jpg1340_2_Caught-On-Camera.jpg 1340 Caught On Camera Released:1996 Two cleaning girls at the drinking club are unaware that they are being monitored by their Boss on his new closed-circuit TV system. Since the arrival of Lisa and Laura, the nightly receipts have been slipping. The Boss confronts them about the theft, but since they were Caught On Camera there’s no denying what they did. Spankings, strappings, and finally hard caning put the matter straight. Preview: 1340_SPM_Spanking_thumb.jpg Downloading Spanking Movies | File Name : 1340_Caught On Camera.wmv File Size : 494.45 MB Resolution : 480×360 Duration : 00:53:47

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