English Discipline Series – First Day At The Office

Friday, November 16, 2012


English Discipline Series – First Day At The Office

Stars: Tiffany, Frank Lincoln, Miss Masters, Mr. Cashmore
After having left the employment of Frank Lincoln, Miss Masters attends an interview with a local advertising agent. Unbeknownst to her, Mr. Cashmore is a friend of Frank’s and also secretary Tiffany misbehaves and is rude to his clients. In a conversation wither, they relive a day when he saw fit to spank her beautifully round bare bottom for spilling coffee on someone. After that he eat her with a leather strap to warm her lovely cheeks before thrashing them with his cane.
Miss Masters is in for much of the same after Mr. Cashmore finds out from Frank that she too is compliant and fully asserts C.P. as a way of keeping her performance to the high standards that he expects. On her first day at work, Mr. Cashmore and Tiffany take it in turns to beat and humiliate poor Miss Masters until her bare bottom is so striped that there is no room for any more beating.


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