English Punishment Series #45

Sunday, November 25, 2012


English Punishment Series #45

Our latest collection includes “A Sound Thrashing” “A Quantumly Fantastic Caning” and “Painter’s Payment.” In “A Sound Thrashing” a college official, Davies, wants desperately to deal with a misbehaving student, Fox. Finally given permission she takes her to her house where she is hand spanked, paddled and finally caned. Davies is pleasured by welcomes his new Australian girlfriend into the country. He learns however that she has been misleading him, and that her “real” boyfriend is awaiting her arrival elsewhere. Furious he decides to administer disciplinary actions before he must finally let her go her own way. And going to get paid. So they decide to take their payment another way. First a hand spanking, then a rubber flip flop, a leather paddle and lastly a thin cane are used against her once pale bottom. Her orbs are now bright red with dark welts announcing the meeting of the cane against soft flesh.


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