Georgina and the School Secretary

Friday, November 16, 2012


Georgina and the School Secretary

Featuring Georgie as Georgina Springthorpe and Dublin as the school secretary Miss Flanagen, with Kain as the Headmaster The school secretary Miss Flanagen has wanted to teach cheeky Georgina Springthorpe a lesson as Georgina and her pals are forever mocking her Irish accent and finally her chance has arrived. Georgina has been sent to the head master but he is away at a seminar so Miss Flanagan seizes the opportunity to thrash her young tormentor. Unknown to Miss Flanagen the head master’s seminar as cut short and he returns to school to catch Miss Flanagen in the act and gives her a dose of her own medicine before sending her away to find herself a school uniform from the lost property room, saying that as she has acted like a schoolgirl she can be punished as one. Meanwhile Georgina who has been sent to the gym for calling the headmaster a silly old fool is waiting for him to come and see her. When he arrives he puts her through a punishing PT session while encouraging her with hard strokes of both strap and cane.

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